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Cute Anti Theft Travel bag to keep all your items safe & secure

Need to pack a few things more than your normal bag can carry for a full day out and about but not wanting it to look like a typical bulky travel bag or backpack? We've got your answer here! I was in the same predicament preparing for our trip to Athens back in February knowing we'd have scheduled day trips to Rome, Santorini, and Rhodes where we'd also be flying there & back to our hotel in Athens I knew I needed a bag that could fit more than a normal bag can. I was also told of possible pick pocketing & theft situations that happen in Europe (which we thankfully didn't experience) so something anti theft was needed & I also didn't want an obvious "I'm day trekker tourist" bag either. I know lot of things I was wanting in a bag but thankfully I can always count on Amazon to help me find all I was looking for!

Introducing the Pincnel Women Backpack Purse Waterproof Nylon Anti-theft Rucksack Lightweight Shoulder Bag that covered everything I was looking for! What makes it anti theft is the zippers are on the backside of the backpack where your backpack normally is making it extremely hard for anyone to unzip it without you knowing, it has multiple pockets inside, is waterproof & some things I love like a side pocket for a water bottle, adjustable backpack straps as well the functionality of also wearing it as a side bag which I took advantage of when going to some of our nicer dinner reservations I wore it as bag so it would be less casual than a backpack. They have a medium size & a large size & I went with a medium due to being told the Vatican & Colosseum having guidelines on backpack sizing but honestly could have went with the larger size and been ok but thankfully the medium size fit for everything I needed to pack as well as room for souvenirs to buy as well.

they are priced between 24.99-39.99USD (& currently on sale! 10-39% off!!!) depending on the size & color you choose. There are 8 different color options. The medium is roomy enough to hold a lot including a tablet while the large is about an inch longer on all dimensions with but being able to hold a laptop. Hope this was helpful please click our affiliated link below and let us know any other travel related things you'd like us to recommend for you all!😊

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