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Table with a view: Dinner & Breakfast at The Grange, Sacramento California

When looking up where to eat in Sac we saw that our Hotel we happened to be staying at (The Citizen Hotel which we would highly recommend staying at!) Has a restaurant that happens to be in the Michelin Guide! So we figured why not have Dinner & Breakfast there to really put it to the test on how good this place actually is

First up was Dinner time! The menu is pretty small & changes about every season so we pretty quickly figured out what to order although this place had pretty expansive wine list (they have a literal 2 story Wine Cellar!) We actually decided to ask our waiter on his recommendations & mention this Cabernet Sauvignon which was his personal favorite that actually his boss was supposed to take home but didn't so we had it instead! It was a great recommendation we loved it (definitely on the pricey side unfortunately)

For our appetizer we ordered the beef tartare which we have both never tried. I felt it was lacking flavor in my opinion & I'm not sure if that's how it normally is or if just this dish wasn't prepared well, Matt ordered the Harris Ranch Filet which he enjoyed & I ordered the wild ramp lasagna that had mozzarella in a Mousse form on top of it. I enjoyed it a lot actually it had a very nice toasted crunch on the outside & wild ramp infused in the pasta which gave the pasta a green look. If you're not much of a cheese fan you would definitely enjoy this mozzarella in Mousse form it was super airy & with me who absolutely loves cheese more cheese would have definitely been nice to have in lasagna to pair with airy Mousse in my opinion.

For Dessert we got Churros that came out nice & piping hot. You truly can never go wrong with those in my opinion they were very enjoyable & came with a cup of whip cream that we discovered chocolate Mousse hidden inside it has well

Breakfast time! In our opinion was pretty much an average breakfast that is definitely not worth the price point their items are at breakfast. Some stand outs are The Vanilla Irish Coffee that was full of flavor & my pancakes which in my opinion are the best pancakes I've ever had! They were so incredibly buttery with a nice subtle crisp on the sides. Matt had the French toast which he enjoyed as well. One thing I will say is at least the dishes were a beautiful presentation but definitely pass on this place for breakfast & find one of the other many breakfast places or coffee shops the city has to offer (check out Temple coffee not too far from here if you appreciate some good quality coffee) unless you want some extremely extremely great tasting (but pricey) pancakes that is

Overall view

Our overall view of The Grange is that while it provides a nice atmosphere & a lovely presentation on every dish we'd recommend you'd try other places as you can most likely find similar dishes at the other restaurants & while they have some unique features to various things I don't feel it quite stands out as much as expected it too especially for the price point. I personally like to end things on a positive note here & there is definitely positive things to say, the 2 story Wine Cellar is a great display to see, the wait staff were extremely kind, love the unique take on lasagna & my personal favorite, the pancakes! While we wouldn't really recommend it definitely don't hesitate to message us if you're curious about this place as well as other recommendations in the future for us to try! We hope this was helpful.

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