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Table with a view: Frank Fats, Sacramento California

We're a sucker for interesting restaurants as you can see. Definitely me personally at least love when there's some age in a business, some history & especially love Family businesses. Not only is this place the oldest operating restaurant in Sacramento, it's a place where various California Congressman have came to over the years to wine & dine (it's pretty close to the California capitol building) as well as have private meetings with Lobbyists. To this day it is still a family business with Frank Fat's daughter in law running it (definitely look up how he started this business though it's quite interesting) now let's get into the food!

Now our for our appetizer we ordered the combination platter to get an idea of the place, the egg rolls were tasty & crispy, the pot stickers were tasty, the salt and pepper chicken had a crunch with the chicken & breading so full of flavor & didn't taste overly seasoned at all. It also came with Yu Kwok which is a Frank Fats Specialty Beef & Pork Dumpling, it's the rounded items in the pic. The best way I can think of to describe it tastes like an Empanada (basically a Spanish Fried Turnover with filling for those who don't know ) filled with pretty tasty ground beef. We enjoyed all of it as well as the ketchup, jam, chili oil & mustard as sauces to pair it with any of the appetizers (be warned though that mustard is oddly very very spicy). They had a great wine selection as well & we enjoyed our pick

This is a family style type of Restaurant so we had a pretty hard time narrowing down what meats to choose to share as they all looked great. We narrowed it down 4 different kinds of meat plates & 1 plate of vegetable chow mein (yes I'm aware a lot of food but we couldn't turn down the opportunity to try as much as we could!). The chow mein had a really nice flavor in it that I felt was even good if you just wanted to eat just that on its own as well being great to pair with our meats we ordered. Starting with our meats We ordered Kung Pao Chicken as that tends to be my personal favorite at Chinese restaurants & actually didn't care for it as much here. Could be an Americanized thing but I love how it's usually coated & fried up but this one wasn't and there was less sauce on the chicken I felt, maybe if it had more sauce on it it would have added more flavor to the chicken. Our 2nd meat we ordered was Mongolian Beef as we don't personally get too many opportunities to have that, we loved the taste of & the veggies served mixed with it paired well together. Our last 2 meats we ordered were both considered to Frank Fat's specialties. The Immigrants Beef is considered a signature plate to the restaurant which was medallions of marinated flank steak, with brandy, garlic, ginger, soy and sesame oil, grilled and served over zucchini. I personally felt this meat to be lacking compared to the rest as I just didn't taste all the flavors it said to have, it was still cooked well though. The last was probably their most popular entrée, Fat's Brandy Fried Chicken which was Frank Fat's personal recipe: a 1/2 chicken marinated with brandy, fresh ginger, garlic, and soy. I would definitely say that this was their best dish it was so incredibly tasty from the crunchy outside to the juicy chicken on the inside. the flavors just came through together beautifully on this dish.

Overall View

We truly enjoyed our time here at Frank Fats and everyone working here was incredibly nice (special shout out to our waitress who did not buy that I was old enough to drink & carefully inspecting my ID as if it were fake, made me feel great to be complimented on looking young lol she was very sweet) One other thing to note is due to how much we ordered we were way too full to have their famous dessert, the Banana cream pie which apparently is amazing, thankfully we enjoyed our big meal. with that being said we both agreed that we can most likely find better versions of everything we had elsewhere at other Chinese restaurants (except for the Fat's Brandy Fried Chicken). That's just our own personal opinion from being there however we would still choose to visit again as we felt every single meat was cooked to same amount of perfection & every single item we ate was nice, hot, & freshly made for us which can be surprisingly hard to find at some places in this day & age, yes even the "nice" restaurants too. If you're looking for some freshly cooked Chinese food with family style meals to share with friends & loved ones this restaurant will give you a very enjoyable experience

(Decor on the wall tiles)

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