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Table with a view: Huber's Cafe, Portland Oregon

Can you think of a Restaurant that's known for it's turkey??? Definitely not us at least till we went to the Iconic Huber's Cafe on our trip to Portland. It is Portlands oldest restaurant established in 1879 that to this day is still thriving in downtown Portland & to this day still known for it's turkey (we also went on what happened to be Canadian Thanksgiving hence the pic lol)

For our appetizer we had some beer battered onion rings which tasted fantastic & not overly processed & what definitely intrigued us, turkey enchiladas! That's definitely something we wouldn't have thought of to combine but the shredded turkey as filling for the enchilada gave it a great & still authentic tasting enchiladas.

For our dinner Matt ordered the popular turkey dinner dish there, the roast Young Tom turkey that came with Turkey, Mash Potato, Broccoli & Cranberry sauce, & I ordered the clubhouse which was a triple decker turkey sandwich with lettuce tomato & bacon. The turkey is super lean & fresh tasting & nothing like you can get in the stores, we also liked how with each of the Entrees they gave a wine pairing recommendation too! For Matt's meal it said it paired well with a Pinot Noir so that's what we had, especially since those are popular in the wine regions of Oregon.

For our dessert we ordered something very unique, their Spanish Coffee, their Spanish coffee is a combination of 151 rum, Kahlua, triple sec, coffee, whipped cream, & nutmeg that is flamed table side for you! They have specific waiters for this very occasion make it right there for you, I would like to warn that this is definitely a pretty boozy drink & also to watch out for how hot your glass & drink will continue to be afterwards still, definitely very unique & I'd recommend anyone interested to definitely give it a try.

So if you're in Downtown Portland looking for something unique to try definitely head on over to Huber's Cafe, it's for anyone that appreciates a Thanksgiving dinner outside of Thanksgiving or even loves a good turkey sandwich like I do as well as plenty of other non turkey related options that we'd love to go back and try another day, definitely check it out!

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