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Table with a View: Le Continental, Quebec City Canada

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Curious about seeing what Quebec City has to offer? Just steps away from the Iconic Château Frontenac so if you happen to have the means to stay there or visiting that area Definitely visit Quebec's Oldest Gourmet Restaurant Le Continental! Le Continental is actually a house that was built in 1845 by Jean-Thomas Taschereau, Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada that present day operates as a Restaurant with a very unique interior design.

Our Appetizer we of course got the Quebec Cheese Plate as we love to try different Cheeses & especially local cheese but for 19$ there definitely could have been a little more added to it like a cracker or meat or even at least more apples to go with it although the Bordeaux we had was great, we also ordered Escargot, Matt loves Escargot and enjoyed as for me it definitely wasn't my cup of tea, I will say that all you taste really is garlic butter so you don't even get much of a seafood taste although inside it is very slimy, like how you'd imagine a snail would be, that was the part I definitely did not like so I would definitely pass on it but I definitely encourage people to try it as it's a great delicacy to many all of over the world, might as well try it with tasty garlic butter mixed with it

For our entrée we both ordered the Entrecôte flambée, black pepper and Cognac which is a Flambé Peppercorn Sirloin Steak which they make right in front of you table side! Let me tell you guys was quite a show, I thought it would be Cheesy to be honest but there's something different about watching your food be crafted right in front of you & it being Flambé right was definitely something unique to see & to top it all off we both have agreed that it was by far the BEST steak we have ever eaten. The sauce was great and the steak was cooked perfectly medium like we wanted, I wish I could describe it more but you'd just have to see taste it for yourself

For our dessert I got a local Quebec Dessert (which I can't remember the name for the life of me & I can't find it online even though I was able to google it by name) which was a super super tasty cake filled with whipped cream that was well made, & Matt had a Maple creme brulee which he loved, & we also had Cognac to pair with our dessert which I learned then that I am most definitely not a fan of, hey everyone likes different alcohol it's ok

& at the end because it was valentine's day they went around to all the couples at the restaurant with a massive heart shaped chocolate box for us to pick out a chocolate which was a nice addition due to it being Valentine's Day, Overall we do pretty well in enjoying our experiences in somewhere different although I do have to agree with some of the reviews I have seen online that talk about staff being being a bit rude & Arrogant & unfortunately it is true, you sense it in the air, as someone who comes from growing up low income it can be nerve wrecking to go to a restaurant where they pull your seat out for you & take your coat and definitely makes it worse when your waiter thinks of themselves as higher class than you & makes it seem as if your the issue for asking for literally anything, even if you are the one choosing to spend money there. Despite that we'd both definitely choose to visit again as we had a very lovely dinner and really enjoyed our food and trying out a different kind of restaurant, don't let the Arrogant staff persuade you from checking out a exceptional tasting & historic restaurant like this place it is definitely worth it

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