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Table with a view: Sea 180, San Diego California

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Visiting San Diego California anytime soon? I know I'm biased here growing up in SoCal my whole life but in my opinion you can almost never have a bad sunset at a SoCal beach, they're always going to be beautiful to admire & watch, & if you're in the SD area looking for somewhere to eat with a view I highly recommend making the drive through the Coronado Bridge to check out Sea 180 at the Pier South Resort Autograph Collection Hotel in San Diego.

The above pic & ones right below are from our drive on the Coronado Bridge which we took to get to the restaurant & is definitely a nice experience I'd recommend

We purposely also put our reservation at a time where we could get there right before sunset started & to leave when the sun had already set to see the sunset fully & thankfully got extremely lucky to be placed right by the beach where it looks from the picture we're literally on the beach when we're just in an outdoor space that thankfully is right next to the beach

We ordered a vegetarian Queso Fundido as our appetizer which is usually Chorizo mixed with cheese dip but this was done with Guajilo Mushrooms, Avocado, & Pico de Gallo instead which was incredibly tasty, we also ordered some refreshing Watermelon Margaritas & Fish & Chips since we were drawn to it being Icelandic Cod which made us curious & it was definitely great & would get again for sure, they have various Seafood, American, & Mexican Entrees to choose from & felt our meals were great Quality, & Matt ordered a Latte to finish off our meals as a dessert

Overall our experience there was really lovely, The staff there was incredibly nice & welcoming & would definitely love to recommend this place as a great place to eat at by the beach but where it didn't feel sand would blow on us or our food thanks to the Glass they had up that also didn't obstruct our view of the beach, it was a great experience where we stayed chatting way past the sunset to continue to admire the beauty of the beach.

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