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The Chase Trifecta

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

You've heard about the Saphire but how do you get more and more points just using one card you may ask? The answer is you don't. You use 3!

The Chase trifecta is argueabley the best tool to have for travel. All 3-cards cover different areas of spend to rack up your points faster. here they are:

Chase Saphire Preferred/ Reserve

Both cards made of metal

Your travel/ dinning card

3x points on dinning

3x travel (reserve) ; 2x travel (preferred)

5x on Travel booked on chase travel portal

10x on hotels booked on travel portal (we don't recommend doing this)

1 on everything else

Chase Freedom Flex

Your rotating category card

5x on quarterly categories up to $1,500 a quarter

1 on everything else

Chase Freedom Unlimited

The catch all card

1.5x on everything


By using each card in its respected category, you can increase the amount of points you can get each month as oppose to using just the sapphire and getting 1pt per dollar spent on outside categories. The lowest possible amount of points you would get for a transaction is 1.5x the points with the freedom flex.

Still confused or just want some extra clarification? Check out our other blog post on Chase as a whole or ask your question by tagging us your instagram story! We'd be glad to help.

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